Climate change wānanga

We have the opportunity to prepare an integrated mahinga kai management and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan for Akaroa Harbour. This could be the first example of a ki uta ki tai (catchment), whānau focused, climate change plan that centres on mahinga kai. The aspiration for the plan is that it:

Integrates both top-down and bottom-up frameworks: top-down frameworks are mainly designed to help understand the potential long-term impacts of climate change (using global models), whereas bottom-up frameworks are more focused on adaptation at local level.

Is whānau focused – we want this to be a local adaptation plan. Climate impacts are manifested locally, as such, we need local solutions to help reduce vulnerability and to enhancing whānau and community resilience and well-being.

To be user friendly, and can be applied at a range of scales, whānau (what we can do at home, what we can do at the marae), ki uta ki tai (what we can do within the Akaroa catchment – ie. support and initiate reforestation, advocate for policy change, plan for impacts on key infrastructure and retreat, investigate kelp farming and other initiatives which will support harbour health and carbon reduction), through to advocating for wider policy change, more sustainable forms of transport, energy and development.

Protect landscapes of cultural significance – wāhi tapu, urupā, pa and kainga and other sites of significance. There are many sites of cultural and spiritual significance to mana whenua within Akaroa harbour, many of these will be vulnerable to coastal erosion and sea level rise.

We want to prepare now – early action saves on damage later and helps us to be better equipped to face the changes ahead.

Ōnuku Rūnanga is hosting Aumangea te Taiao – A mahinga kai management and climate change adaptation and mitigation plan wananga on January 19-21.

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